The Tri-State Tooling & Manufacturing Association Offers Workforce Development Programs

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The Tri-State Tooling & Manufacturing Association is committed to promoting manufacturing and developing skilled workers in the Greater Cincinnati area. We fulfill this commitment through our support of initiatives that:

  • Attract young people to the manufacturing sector as they begin to map their career paths
  • Encouraging experienced workers to update their technical training to enhance their opportunities and continue to add value to their employers' bottom line.
  • Motivate our members to open their shops to students and parents for tours, provide job shadowing opportunities to students and to establish partnerships with area high schools and vocational schools.

In addition, the TTMA:

  • Donates funds and publicizes skills competitions such as the Ohio Robotics' Xtreme BOTS program, Skills USA competition and other regional programs that motivate kids and show them that manufacturing can be cool.
  • Administers the Student Reimbursement Program, which makes funds available to students that are in Welding and/or
    Precision Machining programs in area vocational schools to cover costs of tools and books.


 NTMA We Are Manufacturing Campaign


Xtreme BOTS is a program in which local students design and custom-build remote controlled robots to face off in competition. Through the process of robot building, students' imaginations are captured as they design, build, and compete with their own robotic creations; and through this hands-on effort, students gain practical knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math-all essential skills for manufacturing.

There are typically two regional competitions held each year. The spring competition is held in different locations (often at schools) and the fall competition is part of the Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Show at the Dayton Airport Expo Center.

The TTMA encourages participation from its members and Educational partners in the Greater Cincinnati area because we believe it is one of the most effective tools available to attract students to careers in manufacturing.

Not only does it help to create intelligent, bright, self-confident kids with a full palette of engineering skills, but Xtreme BOTS is also creating future innovators and is training a future workforce who knows how to troubleshoot, problem solve, and invent new technology-the exact kind of employee that employers need!

For more information and to find out how you can participate, contact Xtreme BOTS at Ohio Robotics, Inc. (ORI)

The TTMA's Student Reimbursement Program provides reimbursement to eligible students for the costs of course-required tools and books/manuals that are not otherwise covered. It is designed to award monies to students based on two separate categories of eligibility: DOC Academic Excellence (DOC - 32KB) or DOC Financial Hardship (DOC - 32KB). The eligibility criterion for each category differs so there are two separate applications.

The program is available to students enrolled in Welding and Precision Machining programs at the Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development, Butler Technical Institute, Sinclair Community College and Cincinnati State.


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